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What is OnePath?What is One Time Recharge?What is PINless Dialing and how do I activate this option?
What is the Address Book Feature?What is the Apply Credit option in the Customer Portal?What is the SmartReach Long Distance service?
What is the call quality like?What is the difference between the One Time Recharge and the Auto Recharge options?What is the difference between the SmartReach Long Distance service and a Calling Card?
What is the minimum balance before my account is auto recharged?What kind of service can I expect?Where can I find my call history? e.g. minutes used, amount charged
Where can I find security information?Where can I find the Login Page for the Customer Portal?Where can I find the rates per minute for my destination?
Which cities is SmartReach available in?Whitelisting an EasyMail emailWhose numbers can I register for PINless Dialing?
Why Choose SmartReach?Why do I hear an error message when I try to make a call?Why do I receive an error message when I try to access the signup form?
Why was my credit card charged twice and what should I do if that happens?Will I be able to use the Speed Dial feature on my cell phone?Will SmartReach charge an activation fee when I sign up?
Will my DSL Internet connection be affected with SmartReach?Will my account expire?Will my minutes be used up for a call when there is no answer or when the line is busy?