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Adding a subdomain

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Subdomains are used if you are hosting multiple websites with us.

If example.com is your primary site and example.com/wiki is your secondary site, you can create a subdomain called wiki.example.com to point to example.com/wiki

To get to the Subdomain page:

  1. Click on the Sites tab.
  2. Locate the Websites section.
  3. Select Subdomain for website.


To create a new subdomain:

  1. Click on Add new subdomain.
  2. In the Host field, enter the hostname of your subdomain and leave out the domain name. (For example, the host name for wiki.example.com is wiki)
  3. From the Domain dropdown list, select the domain name. (For example, if you were creating a subdomain for wiki.example.com, you would enter example.com in this field.)
  4. From the Redirect Type dropdown list, make a selection. This field allows you to disable or enable redirect. It also allows you to select the redirect flag.
  5. In the Redirect Path field, enter the redirect path. The redirect path is the route taken to reach a destination.
  6. Select the Active checkbox to activate the subdomain. To deactivate the subdomain unselect the checkbox.
  7. Click Save.