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If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you require additional information, please consult the Kaseya R95 online resources.


Getting Started

Logging into MySmartOffice

Accessing online help through MySmartOffice

Install the MySmartOffice Agent

Two-factor Authentication

Setting up a two-factor authenticator application for mobile devices

Logging in after two-factor authentication has been setup

Machine Status

MySmartOffice - Managing Agents

MySmartOffice - Viewing Agent Logs

MySmartOffice - Viewing Log History

MySmartOffice - Modifying Event Log Settings

Agent Procedures

MySmartOffice - Distribution

MySmartOffice - Agent Procedure Status

MySmartOffice - Deploy a patch

MySmartOffice - Application Deploy

MySmartOffice - Retrieve an uploaded file from a managed machine

MySmartOffice - Delete an uploaded file from a managed machine

MySmartOffice - Distribute files to managed machines

MySmartOffice - Clear file distribution

MySmartOffice - Viewing your Assets

MySmartOffice - Accessing the Run Audit Page

MySmartOffice - Scheduling an audit

MySmartOffice - Run Audit Now

MySmartOffice - Cancel an audit

MySmartOffice - View Audit Summary

MySmartOffice - View Machine Summary

MySmartOffice - View System Information

MySmartOffice - View Installed Applications

MySmartOffice - View a machine's Add-Remove Program list

MySmartOffice - View software licenses

MySmartOffice - Storing documents

MySmartOffice - Create a folder to store documents

MySmartOffice - Delete a document or a folder


Kaseya - Discovery Quick Start Guide

Kaseya - Discovery User Guide

Info Center

MySmartOffice - Accessing your Info Center Inbox

MySmartOffice - Management Dashboard

MySmartOffice - View Dashboard

MySmartOffice - Layout Dashboard

MySmartOffice - Dashboard List

MySmartOffice - Adding a dashboard view

MySmartOffice - Delete a dashlet

MySmartOffice - Delete a dashboard view

MySmartOffice - Applying Dashboard Settings


MySmartOffice - Run a report

MySmartOffice - Schedule a report


Please refer to the following guides:

Kaseya - Mobile Device Management Quick Start Guide

Kaseya - Mobile Device Management User Guide

Kaseya MobileManage (Mobile Phone App)


MySmartOffice - Installing Kaseya MobileManage on an Android Device

MySmartOffice - Checkin from your Android

MySmartOffice - Sending Messages to your MySmartOffice Admin from your Android

MySmartOffice - View your Logs from your Android


MySmartOffice - Installing Kaseya MobileManage on an iPhone

MySmartOffice - Checkin from your iPhone

MySmartOffice - Sending Messages to your MySmartOffice Admin from your iPhone

MySmartOffice - View your Logs from your iPhone


MySmartOffice - Accessing the Alarm Summary Page

MySmartOffice - Close an Alarm

MySmartOffice - Deleting an alarm

MySmartOffice - Add notes to an alarm

MySmartOffice - Suspending an alarm

MySmartOffice - Cancel a suspended alarm

MySmartOffice - Replacing a suspended alarm

MySmartOffice - Accessing your Monitored Lists

MySmartOffice - Update Lists By Scan

MySmartOffice - Alerts Summary

MySmartOffice - Agent Status

MySmartOffice - Application Changes

MySmartOffice - Get File alerts

MySmartOffice - Hardware Changes

MySmartOffice - Low Disk

MySmartOffice - Agent Procedure Failure Alerts

MySmartOffice - Protection Violation Alerts

MySmartOffice - New Agent Installed Alerts

MySmartOffice - Patch Alerts

MySmartOffice - Create a patch alert

MySmartOffice - Cancel a patch alert

MySmartOffice - System Alerts

Remote Control

Kaseya - Remote Control User Guide