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SmartReach FAQs

Your guide to pathway services

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Why Choose SmartReach?

What kind of service can I expect?

What is the SmartReach Long Distance service?

What is the difference between the SmartReach Long Distance service and a Calling Card?

Which cities is SmartReach available in?

Do I need a special phone to use SmartReach?

Can I use SmartReach from my cell phone?

Will SmartReach charge an activation fee when I sign up?

Do I have to sign a long distance service contract with SmartReach?

Is there a minimum amount I need to spend monthly?

Will my account expire?

Will my DSL Internet connection be affected with SmartReach?

Can I send faxes using SmartReach?

How do I call for Customer Service?

There are so many other companies that offer the long distance service, what should I watch for with other long distance companies?

Rates and Payments

What are the Preferred Rates and who is eligible for these rates?

Where can I find the rates per minute for my destination?

What currency are the rates posted in?

What are my payment options?

Why was my credit card charged twice and what should I do if that happens? I am an existing SmartReach Internet customer and currently pay by cheque, how come I can't pay by cheque for my Long Distance service?

Balance and Recharge

How do I check my account balance?

What is the Apply Credit option in the Customer Portal?

How do I apply a credit to my account?

What is One Time Recharge?

What is Auto Recharge?

What is the difference between the One Time Recharge and the Auto Recharge options?

How do I recharge my account?

What is the minimum balance before my account is auto recharged?

Do I get to decide how much is deposited into my account with the Auto Recharge option?

How much can I store in my prepaid account?

Customer Portal

Where can I find the Login Page for the Customer Portal?

How can I log into the Customer Portal?

What are the features of the Customer Portal?

What is the Address Book Feature?

Where can I find my call history? e.g. minutes used, amount charged

Under Calling Options, what is Time/Balance Messages?

What is PINless Dialing and how do I activate this option?

Whose numbers can I register for PINless Dialing?

How do I use the Speed Dial feature?